The Power of Visualizing your Goals

Vision boards can change your vision of yourself, and of your aspirations. Visualizing helps us in achieving what we set out for, it’s a daily reminder-and it can be very influential in helping you realize those aspirations.

Vision boards are influential because they are our daily reminders, and draw in our attention- where are attention is needed in order to achieve our goals.

Vision boards can help you in answering questions that may be nagging reasons as to why you have yet to fulfill your goals.

  1. If there were no obstacles between you and your goal, what/who would you be?
  2. What motivation would you need to get there?

So let’s make a vision board: magazines: check, poster board: check, glue: check.

First, cut out from the magazine all of the images and words that represent where you want to be. Let those images surround you- meditate on what it is that you set out to achieve with your goal. You may be meditating on one thing, or many- which is ok. We often have more than one goal at a time, and your vision board can be reflective of that.

Next, glue your images onto your board. As you are gluing you may find that some of the images/words that you had previously picked-out you are no longer “connected” to. As you move through creating your vision board, be open to to your own senses.

Then glue a photo of YOU in the middle of your vision board. These are YOUR goals for yourself- so it is important and symbolic to understand that you are at the center of these goals/aspirations.

Lastly, place your vision board in a spot where you will see it often. The vision board you create will not do you much good if you aren’t reminded of what your goals are.

Tag us on Facebook with a picture of your vision boards! We love to see what you create.

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