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Family Care Plan for Emergencies

Every active duty family should have a care plan in their emergency paperwork, especially before a deployment.  The frequent moves can make it challenging to reach out to people for support, but it’s important to take that leap of faith … Continue reading

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Walking the Plank

“We build too many walls and not enough bridges.”      ~Isaac Newton                                I walk the plank. Every time I get the chance. Every time I … Continue reading

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Spirituality, Spiritual Literacy and Spiritual Resilience

By Ashley Shulski, Military Spouses of Strength Director of Programs The word “spiritual” is often used today but we do not always know what it truly means or how we can be spiritual and have spiritual literacy in our lives. … Continue reading

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We Are In This Together!

Today, I am sad.  Sad, that a new friend became the target of a bullying Facebook page directed at those connected to the military community.  When did hate become so acceptable in our society?  Lately, in the military spouse community … Continue reading

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Life is…Pie?!

Guest Blogger: Erin Kaberline Over the last year or so our family has gone through some major changes. We moved back to the United States from living overseas, my husband started a new job, I went back to work (I’ve … Continue reading

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“Eye of the Tiger”

By: Jennifer Cowsert, Public Relations Manager MSoS, cowsert.j@milspousesofstrength.org I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar! As a modern woman, we wear many hats. Many of us work outside of the home, yet do most of the household chores as well.  Not … Continue reading

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