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Five Types of Military Moms

Trending on Facebook is a humorous video showing the different types of Moms you meet. From the PTA Mom who is always organized and herding the group to the Experienced Mom offering well-intentioned advice or the always-late Hot Mess Mom; … Continue reading

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#CrushTheStigma Wrap-up

For the second year Military Spouses of Strength has promoted our #CrushtheStigma campaign. Like last year we asked that you send in pictures of yourself, and those that you know; holding up our #CrushtheStigma campaign pledge signs – and your … Continue reading

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#YouMatter Recap

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDKHBT_7QXUI am sure that you have seen #YouMatter going around, profiles changed to pictures holding #youmatter signs, a challenge to ensure that your loved ones know that they matter to you, and a video that depicts just some of the … Continue reading

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Fortune Tellers

Crystal balls, reading cards, looking at palms, or gazing at the stars; there are many kinds of fortune tellers, but above all of those examples are the countless fortune tellers that stop us from doing things. These fortune tellers are … Continue reading

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