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Most everyone knows by now that there have been points in my husband’s military career were I have struggled- emotionally. I became depressed because of: lack of self-worth, frequent moves-often leaving good friends, lack of employment, or feeling alone and … Continue reading

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Military One Click- vote for Military Spouses of Strength

Military Spouses of Strength is in the running for Military One Click Charity Challenge for the month of January. It may not seem like we do anything that requires funding, but we do; and for you we want to do … Continue reading

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New Years Resolutions

At Military Spouses of Strength we have spent the last few weeks setting goals for the New Year, people like organizations need to be strategic in the goals that are set in order to prepare themselves for success. A new … Continue reading

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Eulogize Me Now

Weird, I know..but I often wonder how others would eulogize me at my funeral. What would people say of me, and the life that I lived? Would they speak of the things that I contributed to the world, or the … Continue reading

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Open Letter: Senator Coburn

Senator Coburn: It is with regret that I find myself writing to you. However, with your recent “nay” vote regarding the Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention Act it Is without regret that I ensure that the voices of so many are … Continue reading

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Freedom: Have you found yours

Tomorrow, we celebrate our nation's Independence; ensured to us through the sacrifices by the men and women that have volunteered to protect us from our enemies, foreign and domestic. We are granted religious freedoms, and liberties of love and the pursuit of happiness. We can freely think and form opinions without the fear of persecution of others; freedoms that our Founding Fathers held dear. Continue reading

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Bounce Back

Resiliency- the ability to bounce back, stronger than ever after a trauma, tragedy or personal crisis. Semper Gumby- Always Flexible Within the military community we often hear these terms thrown around. “Military spouses, children and the service member’s themselves, are … Continue reading

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