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Grateful for Graciousness

Although some of you may begin to understand the NEW Renee, but there is more just about me. Continue reading

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Saving Second Base

Hip-Hip Hooray! We are going to talk about boobies today! Now that I have your attention, it’s time to turn this conversation to a serious topic. I am sure you can guess with all the pink swag running around that … Continue reading

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Visualizing your Goals

Vision boards can change your vision of yourself, and of your aspirations. Visualizing helps us in achieving what we set out for, it’s a daily reminder- and vision boards can be very influential. Vision boards can be influential because they … Continue reading

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Let’s Get Ready for Summer!

Summer days are upon us! I don’t know what summer means to you, but for me it’s all about the outdoors. Sunshine, barbeques, and days spent by the water enjoying family and friends. Here at MSoS, 2015 brought our renewed … Continue reading

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Are You Tenacious?

By Erica Harris, Military Spouses of Strength, SOFA Talks Manager To be tenacious, according to Webster’s dictionary, means, “Not easily stopped, firm or strong; continuing for a long time, or very determined to do something.  It seems like living in … Continue reading

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April Fools: How Joking Lightens the Mood

There’s  one thing you can be certain of in life, service men and women know how to laugh at themselves and everyone else!  Their sense of humor knows no boundaries, at all!  Go into any shop and you’ll see evidence … Continue reading

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Healthy Mind, Healthy Heart

Our hearts and minds are closely linked, and am not  referring to our emotional hearts, but the physical hearts; the ones that pump blood to our bodies. You may be questioning the link between the heart and mind. Think of … Continue reading

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