Five Types of Military Moms

Trending on Facebook is a humorous video showing the different types of Moms you meet. From the PTA Mom who is always organized and herding the group to the Experienced Mom offering well-intentioned advice or the always-late Hot Mess Mom; I’m sure you have met or see yourself in one of the stereotypes. As military spouses we take it one step further with our own five kinds of Moms (and Dads) unique to our lifestyle.

Pre-deployment Mom – As things amp up this is a time of anxiety and preparation for whatever Isaac Newton has planned for her THIS time around.  She may be trying to process the fact that he really is going; all while knowing it isn’t real until boots are in theater. Often times she is recognizable by the fact that she is calling around asking members of her military family if they wouldn’t mind being placed on the pick-up list for school.

Deployment Mom – As a single parent she has the sole responsibility for the welfare of children, animals, cars, finances and the yard.  Life is changing and all the planning in the world will not fully prepare her because each go around is different. She may stand in the freezer isle telling her three year old to choose anything for dinner while her newly mobile 10 month old pushes the cart all while getting that “Bless your heart” look from a retiree wife who has been there more times than she can count.

Sustainment Mom – There is confidence in her routine and daily schedule.  New independence has given her and the kids a chance to try out activities such as art classes, fitness programs or recipes. Showered with a clean house this Mom calmly walks the aisles at Target looking like she has been handling it like a pro the whole time.

Re-deployment Mom – Now there is the anticipation of a perfect homecoming.  Once again, nothing is certain until the plane lands and you see them getting off the bus.  Although there is a great deal of excitement there is the apprehension and worry about the moment you lay eyes on each other.  She is often out trying to find just the right dress to greet her man and searching Etsy for cute shirts for the kids.

Post Deployment Mom – Ah, the Honeymoon Period we all look forward to. The rules and routines of the house have changed and now is the time to renegotiate roles.  Just because one person took out the trash and another paid the bills before the deployment that doesn’t mean the same will happen now that they are back.  There may be a nice glow on her face as she takes the time to reconnect with her spouse.

Unofficially there is a sixth type.  The Undeployable Spouse Mom. Although they haven’t technically been in your shoes they have seen the effects in their friends.  When life gets crazy this Mom is a great one to turn to because chances are she has backup at home.

You know all too well that the mom you are today is not necessary the one you will be tomorrow.

~Brenna Clark is a West Coast girl the Air Force has transplanted in the South.  Having moved five times in ten years she assumes she has seen it all until, well, life happens and something new is tossed her way.  Currently a stay at home mom of two beautiful children, Brenna is often seen volunteering with the military and local community and ready to jump in to help out at a moment’s notice.

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1 Response to Five Types of Military Moms

  1. NLD says:

    Great post in relation to what it means to be a spouse of a deployed military member. The stages and transitions that a mom, dad, and entire family experience is truly what makes us unique. Thanks for sharing!

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