Volunteering is Good for You

I joined Military Spouses of Strength in July of 2015 as their Social Media Coordinator.

Not being familiar with MSoS, I needed to do some research. At the time, I thought that I didn’t have much experience with “mental health”, but it turns out that I do. We all do. But more on that later. 

I was moved by Military Spouses of Strength’s founder’s story, and knew that I wanted to help. I realized that there are people in my network who could benefit from learning about Military Spouses of Strength, and the services offered.  You can read about Liz Snell’s story here.

“In 2013, she founded Military Spouses of Strength, to provide information, support and give strength to other military spouses who maybe struggling with depression or mental illness.  She designed a  website that gives milspouses a place to get connected and be supported while changing the stigma that is associated with seeking help!”

Also, I was interested in learning about Social Media, and a great volunteering perk is learning new skills!

Back to my experience (that I didn’t realize that I had) relating to mental health:
My experience? I’m a human being. I have personal experience with mental health.

You see, depression and anxiety don’t pick and choose who they visit and torment. I have had family and friends suffer from anxiety and depression, and to be honest, I haven’t had a very good understanding on what they were/are going through. By volunteering, I have learned so much about myself and others, and especially how the military spouse community is affected.

The topic used to make me feel a bit uncomfortable, but I don’t feel that discomfort anymore. I feel compassion and the need to support those who may be needing help.

Military Spouses of Strength has assisted me with my understanding about depression and mental health, and the importance of providing a safe atmosphere for those who might need help.

I am proud to be a volunteer for Military Spouses of Strength.

~Britni Miltner is the Social Media Coordinator for Military Spouses of Strength.  Britni recently started MilSpouseResource.com, a personal blog that offers information, support, and an inspiration for military spouses in all walks of life. She is a Scout with Millie and is a volunteer Mentor for Military Spouse Advocacy Network’s New Military Spouse Support Program. She also joined the MilSpo Project’s Advisory Board in 2016. Britni is resourceful, organized, and believes in the Golden Rule. Yoga is good for her mind, body and soul, and spending time with family and friends is important. She’s a proud Navy spouse, has held many volunteer leadership positions, and strives to never stop learning. She graduated from Auburn University in 2004 with a degree in Entrepreneurship and Family Business, and she bleeds orange and blue.

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One Response to Volunteering is Good for You

  1. Liz says:


    i am so proud of you and thank you for expressing this so beautifully.


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