Make Your Heart a Priority

Heart Health Blog Post smallAs the calendar flips into February, we start thinking about hearts. Valentine’s Day is first to come to mind, but it should be the heart beating in your chest. February is National Heart Month with an emphasis on raising awareness for women. Military spouses often put the care of others as a priority over their own health and welfare, and while caring for others is important, taking care of yourself is too. One of the best ways to make yourself a priority is by getting your annual wellness check. These annual visits to your primary care physician can be a chance for you to discuss any concerns you have about your health.  Heart health should be one of the topics of discussion when meeting with your doctor each year.

We’re going to single out the women here for a minute since heart disease is their #1 killer! And all those things you’ve been told about what to look for when you’re having a heart attack may not be the warning signs you actually need to be looking out for.  Women’s warning signs are often different than the ones experienced by men. Heart disease can affect any age so don’t think it can’t happen to you.  Head over to the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women page to read about real women’s stories with their own heart health and then take the Heart Checkup to access your own heart health risks.

The Military Spouses of Strength team wants you to make yourself a priority this February. Make an appointment with your doctor and put yourself first for a change. Don’t wait, your health depends on it!


American Heart Association. (2016). Go Red for Women.

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