Rosemary’s Top 5 Halloween Candy Alternatives

I love autumn.  The cooler weather, the changing leaves, and most of all being able to wear sweaters and drink hot chocolate in the morning!  It also means that Halloween is approaching and every seasonal aisle in stores is filled with bags of cavity-inducing candy!  This year, fight the urge to pass out candy and instead hand out something different.  These are my top 5 Halloween treats to replace candy.  All these ideas can be found at some local stores such as Michaels Crafts, Party City, Costco, Oriental Trading, Amazon, or your favorite grocery store.

My TOP 5 Alternative Ideas

Number 1

Stickers or Tattoos.  Simple, not messy, and even the tweens and teens like tattoos!

Number 2

Small trinkets or toys like bubbles, mini stamps, or bouncy balls.  My kids love bouncy balls from the dentist.

Number 3

Organic Crackers & Cookies.  A healthier alternative to the sugary sweets most parents are handing out.  My kids enjoy Annie’s Brand.

Number 4

Pencils and erasers.  However, I also know that the local school districts where I live ban any pencil that is not the standard yellow No. 2.  Promotional pencils, logo pencils, or pencils with fun are prohibited, so having a cool pencil to do homework at home is appreciated out here.

Number 5

Bookmarks.  My kids love to read, so this is something we need in our house.  Usually we have strips of paper holding the place of our books.  I know a lot of people go digital, but nothing beats having a bookmark.

One last word of advice

As you can see there are a lot of ways you can hand out something that isn’t unhealthy.  I would caution against handing out homemade foods and fruit.  Those go straight in the trash when they’re in my children’s bags because I never know where those came from and if they have been tampered with.  Overprotected?  Perhaps, but I’d rather be safe than sorry!

I hope you enjoyed these alternative ideas and let me know what you’ll be passing out this year for Halloween!

~Rosemary E. King, SBD is a Birth and Bereavement Doula®, author of How to Hire a Doula, and Reiki Practitioner.  She lives in the PNW with her husband, a sailor stationed on the USS Stennis, and six children.  Rosemary enjoys reading John Grisham books, going on adventures with her kids, and volunteering with Boy Scouts of America and Girl Scouts of America.  Check out her website, for additional information.

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