You Matter Wrap-up

As you may (or may not) know, in the month of September Military Spouses of Strength hosts an annual #YouMatter campaign. We use this campaign to solidify our mission that EVERY military spouse KNOWS that they matter. I hope the initiatives that we took this year helped you reach out to those around you, and reinforced the fact that you are of value- YOU MATTER.

This year we did things a little different. We created a downloadable e-card that could be given to anyone to show that you care, we had a Twitter party (that resulted in some famous retweets and favorites). We also released our first e-book, centered on suicide prevention, and mental health resources.

We hope that you closed out September knowing just how important you are. Just how much people around you care, and just how much #YouMatter.

But also leave September knowing that Military Spouses of Strength is here for you. Our mission is to support you in whatever stage you are facing. Our team knows that there are unique highs and lows that coincide with military (spouse) life, and we are here to share in experiences. Because all things are easier in numbers, and mountains are easier to climb when you know someone has your back.

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