You Matter

Blue zones… Yes, I know that we are entering into a political time, but I am in no way addressing Reds versus Blues, Donkeys vs Elephants. No, the “blue zones” I am referring to are the regions throughout the world where the people indigenous to the area see an increased level of longevity. Places like Okinawa, Japan; Icarina, Greece; and Sardinia, Italy; are just a few of the world’s blue zones.

One researcher found that blue zones were often equipped with strong community supports. For example, in Okinawa residents formed “moais.” Groups of lifelong relationships; relationships that supported each other financially, emotionally, and that allowed those within the moais to feel as though they belonged.

In our country, in our communities, and even within our little military segment we are seeing the opposite of moais. There have been many months filled with bitterness, and tension. Lack of understanding and compassion; selfishness over selflessness. This NEEDS to change.

At Military Spouses of Strength, we have often spoken about how we are a community; that by definition a community is, “a group of people living in the same place or have a particular characteristic in common.” By definition we ARE in community with each other. Though, understand that being in community doesn’t equate to all being of the same opinion, or background. Being different is what makes our community unique.

Military Spouses of Strength would like to encourage you, and we want you to encourage those that you consider part of your moais. Take a minute, and write out a list of all those in your life that matter to you. Is it your group of friends, your coworkers, your family? How about the people that you are in contact with but are often over-looked; your mailman, or the bagger at the commissary?

How easy would it be to say thank you? How important could those simple two words be to those you come in contact with? We all feel better about ourselves and our contributions when we feel appreciated. So we have created a simple “thank you,” card; it’s an easy printable that can be found HERE.

Take a moment and tell someone “You Matter to Me.”

Liz Snell

Military Spouses of Strength Founder and CEO

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