Crafting Job Seeker Success

In this week’s Mind, Body, Spirit blog we are highlighting our newest addition to MSoS, our Resume Writing Service.

Glory Stewart has over 10 years of experience in recruiting, and has reviewed thousands of resumes and interviewed many, many people. “I find it rewarding to help match people up with a career path and see them have an opportunity for success. I also want to give back to the brave souls who have served our country and that is why I am volunteering with Military Spouses of Strength.”

Glory shares below on networking, resumes, interviews, and more to help you land the job of your dreams.

Glory has this to say about the California job market – “With CA unemployment rates dropping (6.3% right now) it is more of a job seeker’s market…but that doesn’t mean you should let your guard down or think it’s going to be easy to land the job of your dreams.”

The best way to find a job now and forever is networking, or through people you know. We have a great resource online with LinkedIn and if you are not on there, I highly recommend you set up a profile. Connect with me, connect with all of us! I have about 2000 people in my network on there and growing every day. And I’m always open to meeting with you one on one to help or network.

  • I personally have landed 3 amazing opportunities through someone I know, or through LinkedIn
  • On the flip side, I have been able to connect with and find talent on LinkedIn for jobs I was trying to fill when I wouldn’t have been able to any other way

RESUMES – Using eye tracking software, it was discovered that recruiters spend an average of 6 seconds looking at your resume before they make a decision to consider you or not. And I can attest to that. We look at your name, then your most recent employer and title, then the next most recent employer and title, then your education.

The cleaner and more organized resumes get more time.

  • Use font size and bolding to help section headers and titles stand out
  • Long paragraphs or blocks of text do not get read, and definitely never anything past a second page
  • Stick to bullet points and quantifiable accomplishments
  • Create a customized resume for each position you are applying for that points out skills and accomplishments relevant to the job

INTERVIEWS – More and more employers are believing in the philosophy of “hire for attitude, train for skill”.

Find a way to relate with them, because if they like you, they will want to have you on their team.

  • Look them up on LinkedIn, Google, etc. ahead of time to find out about the and their accomplishments. Maybe you share the same university, or you have a family member that worked at a company where they worked, etc.

Be genuine! And confident! Remember all your accomplishments that have made you the person you are today

When they ask you to tell them about your background, tell them your personal story – what experiences have shaped you and what moves you

Best interview time is late morning on Tuesdays

Be prepared for them to ask about your greatest weaknesses, tell them what they are, but also how you take steps to correct them

Send a personal thank you note via email, or if you really want to stand out and have time, deliver a hand written note

Don’t – talk about those sensitive personal subjects that should play no part in the hiring decision – religion, sexual orientation, medical history, etc.


  • If you have targeted a company you want to work for, use Google alerts to get automatic updates about them
  • Employers are looking at your social media. Use an app that cleans up – it can find solo cups or beer bottles in pictures, and profanity

RESUME ASSISTANCE –  Please reach out to Glory Stewart at 619-721-6430 or glorys@milspousesofstrength for help in any stage of your resume creation. From a blank page to just reviewing your final draft for feedback. She can help with:

  • Creation of content
  • Formatting
  • Customization for different job applications
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