Visualizing your Goals

Vision boards can change your vision of yourself, and of your aspirations. Visualizing helps us in achieving what we set out for, it’s a daily reminder- and vision boards can be very influential.

Vision boards can be influential because they draw our attention, attention is needed to achieve our goals. But Vision boards answer questions that may be nagging reasons as to why we have yet to fulfill our goals.

  1. If there were no obstacles who/what would you be?
  2. What motivation would you need to achieve your goals?

So let’s make a vision board; magazines: check, poster board: check, glue: check.

First, cut out images and words of who/what you want to be or have. Surround yourself with these images, and meditate on your goals. It maybe that you are focusing on one goal, or it may be many- which is ok. We often carry one goal at a time, and your vision board can be reflective of that.

Next, glue your images onto the vision board. As you do so imagine those images/words sticking to you. Then as you are visually sticking the photos to yourself, in the center of your vision board stick a photo of yourself to the middle of your vision board.

Lastly, place your vision board in a place you will see it- and see it often. Vision boards are great, because they are daily reminders; but you must be able to see it daily.

When your vision board is complete, tag us on Facebook using #visionboard we would love to see what you come up with!

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