Celebrating the 4th and a Reminder

How do you celebrate the 4th?  For many it’s family, friends, barbeques, and lots of fireworks.  But for many of our military members and their families the latter can bring on unexpected reactions.  As we wrap up PTSD Awareness Month we’d like to remind everyone that not everyone sees fireworks as a needed part in celebrating our country’s independence.  Fireworks can be a trigger for PTSD symptoms. The noises accompanied by fireworks can be reminiscent of a service member’s combat experience leading to flashbacks or causing stress associated with the unknown timing of fireworks going off.  For more information on what flashbacks entail, you can read more HERE.

As you begin to prepare for this weekend’s Fourth of July celebration, we ask you to remember those who have fought for our nation’s freedom.  Do you have neighbors that are active duty or veterans?  If so, and you plan to have fireworks at your celebration, let them know ahead of time or consider celebrating in a different way.  We’d love to hear how you will be celebrating your independence fireworks-free this year!

~Tiffany Bodge is a military spouse and the Director of Public Relations and Communications for Military Spouses of Strength

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