Resiliency Trainings in the Works

Here at MSoS, our Curriculum and Training Team is hard at work creating resiliency classes to help better educate our military families.  Through our resiliency trainings, MSoS is able to tailor classes to focus on our body, mind, and spirit programming.

The topics are as follows:

  1. Fortune Teller- Balancing your thinking & mind reading
  2. Flower in the Mud- Spiritual resilience
  3. Change Your Outlook- Mindfulness & avoiding Catastrophic thoughts
  4. Effective Communicators- How to overcome communication barriers
  5. Bloom Where You Are Planted- How to better engage as a volunteer in your community through increased support of fellow military spouses and friends
  6. Superheroes & Sidekicks- Counting your blessings & how to draw from your support system
  7. Self-Care: Helpful Tips & Techniques- How to take care of yourself focusing on the spiritual, physical, emotional & social aspects; and how to gain a better night’s sleep as well.

In addition, we will be offering classes focused on education/training and careers.

~Ashley Shulski, Director of Programs

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