Military Spouse Education Initiative (MSEI) Moves to MSoS

Military Spouses of Strength (MSoS) announces the new home for Military Spouse Education Initiative (MSEI).  Since the beginning of 2015, MSoS has taken a more holistic approach to the resources that we provide to military spouses.  The focus is now not solely on mental health but with the organization’s updated mission to improve health and overall wellness.  The Mind, Body, and Spirit approach encompasses the vision of providing resources, programming and initiatives to support each of these areas.   With the move of MSEI to MSoS education support will now be included in that vision.

Military Spouse Education Initiative (MSEI) was founded in 2011 by Military Spouse of the Year 2011, Bianca Strzalkowski. This initiative was founded to support military spouses through their educational journey. All too often, military spouses are tasked with putting their educational pursuits on hold while their service member pursues their career aspirations. MSEI empowers military spouses with the knowledge that both their service member’s career and their individual educational pursuits can be managed, allowing a healthier family life balance.

According to the Military Spouse Employment Report by the Institute for Veterans and Military Families a large majority of military spouses feel their educational opportunities have suffered due to the military lifestyle.  In addition the report states, “90 percent of our employed female respondents reported being underemployed with respect to education (33%), experience (10%) and/or both (47%)”.  A major focus of MSEI is to improve military spouse access to educational opportunities to ensure the military lifestyle no longer hinders the pursuit of a quality educational experience and employment opportunities.

MSoS will now be providing all the original core MSEI resources, tools and information along with new volunteer opportunities.  These opportunities will be include an Educational Resource Coordinator and Education Bloggers plus many more for anyone who would like to volunteer with MSoS and MSEI.

“With bringing Military Spouse Education Initiative under the umbrella of Military Spouses of Strength we are widening our focus of Mind, Body, and Spirit. Part of my personal journey was affected by my educational experience – and we want to make sure that you are supported as you pursue your own. Part of taking care of yourself is to fulfill your goals and we hope we can help you along the way” states Liz Snell, MSoS Founder.

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