#CrushTheStigma Wrap-up

For the second year Military Spouses of Strength has promoted our #CrushtheStigma campaign. Like last year we asked that you send in pictures of yourself, and those that you know; holding up our #CrushtheStigma campaign pledge signs – and your response was overwhelming. We received support from governmental officials, friendly like-minded organizations and many of our supporters. This year we also, for the first time, hosted a Twitter Party. You blew our minds with support. We received tweets, retweets, and favorites – this is like speaking a whole new language to me.

I have heard it said that sending tweets and taking your picture with signs isn’t going to save a life. But the fact of the matter is that YOU may have helped someone in realizing that they shouldn’t be afraid of seeking out mental health support. That YOU (and others like you) care for the well-being of strangers. That TOGETHER we can improve our community – through our positive actions. With the actions that you provide through helping us to promote the #CrushtheStigma campaign, YOU are planting seeds. Seeds of HOPE, seeds of strength, seeds of understanding; with continued support those seeds will begin to blossom into the full beauty that they were meant to be – and you will be a part of that beauty.

Founder MSoS

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