We Are In This Together!

Today, I am sad.  Sad, that a new friend became the target of a bullying Facebook page directed at those connected to the military community.  When did hate become so acceptable in our society?  Lately, in the military spouse community it has been the “talk of the town” so to speak.  There are quite a few of these Facebook pages out there, and I’m sure you’ve seen one, two, or maybe all of them.  These pages focus on tearing down military spouses for all types of reasons, but none of them are okay.  We are better than this.  We, military spouses, need to stick together and have each other’s backs.  We are in this together.

Show of hands…how many of you LIKE one of these Facebook pages dedicated to bashing military spouses?  Are you a military spouse?  If so, shame on you.  If you LIKE one of these pages, FYI…YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM!  Even if you never have or never will post or comment on one of these pages…YOU ARE STILL PART OF THE PROBLEM!

When you like these pages, you are saying this type of behavior is okay and acceptable.  We have to have the courage to stand up and speak out against behavior that is destructive and downright hurtful. In the end, we are only destroying the very community we love so much.  We have to do better for our fellow military spouses and this is what I propose…

  • Unlike those HATE pages…yes, they are HATE pages
  • Be nice. Simple isn’t it.  Live by the rule, if you don’t have something nice to say, then don’t say anything at all
  • Focus on building fellow military spouses up, not tearing them down
  • Be a TRUE friend. Don’t talk about someone behind their back, if you have an issue talk to that person to their face…but be nice about it.  We all have differences but we ALL have feelings.
  • Be honest with yourself. If there is something you have a problem with, deal with it.  Don’t project your issues on others to make yourself feel better.  In the end, everyone is hurt.

I don’t see those inappropriate, disgusting pages going away anytime soon, but we have a choice if we support those pages or not.  I chose not to support them, because I love my military community and fellow military spouses.  Let’s focus on building each other up, instead of tearing each other down, it’s a much more productive use of time and energy.

~Tiffany Bodge is a military spouse and the Director of Public Relations and Communications for Military Spouses of Strength

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One Response to We Are In This Together!

  1. If only they put that much effort into doing something positive. One of those pages has almost 30,000 likes. Imagine if they got 30,000 likes for the Wounded Warriors. They could do such good and instead choose to focus on bullying. Sad indeed.

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