Volunteers play an intricate role in society. Which is why there is a month dedicated to honoring volunteers, and days throughout the year that encourage volunteerism. Points of Light promotes volunteerism through the President’s Volunteer Service Award.

Many organizations function because of the volunteers that support them; through the volunteers gift of time and talent. Many organizations are run solely by volunteers, while other organizations are in part staffed by volunteers. One must consider that volunteers are giving of their time freely, and willingly; typically, this means that the organizations mission is one that the volunteer intimately connects with.

Military Spouses of Strength is run SOLELY by volunteers. Each person has a desire to improve mental health within the military community. In 2014 the estimated value of a volunteers time was $23.07 per hour. On average Military Spouses of Strengths volunteers spend 15 hours per week working on any aspect regarding our organization. We have 10 volunteers within our organization. This is the equivalent of $15,0000 per month.

Our volunteers are passionate about the services that they are able to help in bringing to you. Services that strengthen mental health within the military community. And to be honest with you, our volunteers are recipients too.

Any time someone volunteers, if they are feeling valued, the relationship is reciprocal. Having been a volunteer throughout the course of my adult life, I know the feeling of being able to help others. I have gained career skills through my volunteerism. I encourage you to find something you are passionate about, and volunteer within an organization that supports that cause. It will encourage you IMMENSELY.

I would like to part ways by thanking all of our volunteers.

You are valued beyond expression. Your time and commitment that you provide to MSoS, and our military families is admirable. The passion that you bring to the organization is unfaltering. Everyday, I am THANKFUL for you.

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