Bodge_1267_1Do you ever think about your life and wonder just how you got from point A to B…then versus now?  I know I do.  Military life isn’t easy and I’m proof of that!  See, yesterday was my 21st wedding anniversary and I took a minute to think about what our marriage has been through in all those years.  Now, don’t get me wrong, it has been the very BEST 21 years of my life, but it hasn’t always been easy…let me explain.

The day before we were married I got to meet my new mother-in-law to be and then within hours of meeting her, she had a stroke.  Ambulance, hospital, the whole nine yards on the day of our rehearsal dinner.  I attended it alone and wouldn’t see my groom until I walked down the aisle the next afternoon.  We spent our honeymoon taking my new mother-in-law to my brother-in-law’s house.  Now, some people would have seen this as a bad start to our marriage, but looking back it showed what we were really made of as a couple.

Our next difficult situation came in the form of the birth of our son ten weeks premature.  As a young couple, the birth of a child is scary, but add a baby born WAY too soon and the emotions are intensified.  Our son would stay in the hospital for two months before he came home on an apnea monitor and weighing just over four pounds.  Of course, don’t forget to add in the multiple deployments, TDYs, and all the other usual military stuff.

So, why am I telling you this?  Because all of these situations were hard and at the time I struggled…new wife, new daughter-in-law, new mother, new to the military life…lots of new and no guides to tell me what I should be doing or not doing.  I really could have used a place like Military Spouses of Strength to know I wasn’t going through all of this alone.  I want you to know that too.

Difficult times are a part of military life, all life situations for that matter, but you don’t have to go it alone.  Did you know MSoS offers a Facebook group called SOFA (Spouses Offering Friendly Assistance) Talks? This is a closed group where you can get friendly advice from other spouses that may be going through the same situations as you.  And if you need resources, we’ve got those too.  Check out our website for a list of support and resources on a variety of topics about mind, body, and spirit.  We are here to help and know YOU ARE NOT ALONE!


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