Romancing The Kids

As military spouses, it’s hard being separated from loved ones, dealing with the after effects of war and leaving friends and family behind. We have learned to deal with each of these, by opening up to friends, finding solace in our communities and using resources. But, can you imagine dealing with all that as a child? I have never been a military child, but I’m raising three. Sometimes I’m amazed at how well they dealt with 21 years of military life. But I do see the ways that life affected them too, molded them. Don’t get me wrong, I loved raising a military family, even with all its challenges, but it did leave some small scars. It’s important to not only remember that our children are dealing with a lot too, but they need extra special time with both parents. What better time to remember that than during a month of love?

I remember very clearly being twelve years old and going to get ice cream with my dad, unfortunately for me, I don’t have many memories like that, but I hope my kids do! It made me feel special and wanted and even during times of hardship, it’s important to feel that way. I loved spoiling my kids during deployments. It meant more trips to the wild animal park and longer days at the beach, it was a good way to spend that extra danger pay!

Take some time this month to romance your kids. Hit the yogurt shop on the way home from school. Sneak out the youngest on a Saturday morning and take them to the donut shop. After baseball practice, take a walk on the beach during sunset. Take that time to connect with each child and find out how they are doing. It’s little, special moments that remain in our memories for a lifetime.

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