DoD/VA Suicide Prevention Conference

January 27 through 29th I spent at the DoD/VA Suicide Prevention Conference. As the Founder of Military Spouses of Strength I thought it important to attend this conference on our behalf. I learned a plethora of information, information that will help us improve our services and programming for you. Information like: risk assessments, and programming from outside resources.

I was able to network with other heads of powerful organizations that are available to support you and your family. Because of this you will find that our website will soon undergo updates, updates that will link you to these resources.

The conference also featured voices, of those personally impacted by suicide. The stories were moving, and hard to hear. Stories of those that have lost their lives, and stories of those left behind. These stories resonated with me, especially as we begin capturing your stories to share in our annual #CrushtheStigma campaign. It is the silent voices of our lost, the strong voices of the living that we are on a mission to end suicide among the ranks of our service members and their families; because our voices do matter, and because collectively we can make a difference.

If you are interested in sharing your voice with us, for our #CrushtheStigma-OneConversationataTime campaign please email me directly at

Blessings to you!

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