Important Message- Just for You

Military Spouses of Strength is focused on helping you to create a healthy you. We understand that not everyone deals with clinical depression, or other diagnosed mental health issues. You have seen us feature military spouses that do struggle with a clinical diagnosis, but that isn’t our sole focus- our sole focus is YOU. Whether you’re dealing with situational/circumstantial mental health challenges or a clinical diagnosis we want to help you find a healthier you.

Military life is full of challenges that can affect your mental health- whether long term or short term. I know that for me PCS’ing , deployments, juggling the kids when my husband is away compiled upon my shoulders. I fought feelings of negative self-worth because the extended time it took to find employment at each duty station. Feelings of helplessness and loneliness due to going from a two parent household to a one parent household. These are challenges that we all face as military spouses- though we may not all deal with these challenges in the same way.

Collectively, those of us at Military Spouses of Strength want you to know that we understand. We are a team of military spouses, here to help you. Our programs and supportive services are here to help you through whatever challenges you encounter through your military spouse life. So, please, do not think that you have to have a clinical diagnosis to find Military Spouses of Strength useful- you just have to be a military spouse.

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