30 Minutes A Day

As someone who is currently going through a case of the blues, I know how important it is to take some time for yourself every single day. That one act of kindness, that makes ourselves feel good. It could be absolutely anything, from doing yoga to painting your toenails. I want nothing more than to be that person that works out every day, rain or shine! I know it would benefit me, make me healthy. Working out isn’t my something special though, so I need to mix my special time up a bit.

A lot of us are busy, busy, busy. Some of us know we have the time, but just can’t get ourselves going. Starting with just thirty minutes a day, we can easily change that around. Think Mind, Body and Spirit when motivating yourself. With seven days a week, we can easily doing something once a day to improve our total health. How about doing yoga three days a week, taking a walk on the weekend and give yourself a manicure on Sunday’s? Think about something special you enjoy doing every day and stick to giving yourself that time. It’s a great way to unwind and let your mind be still, even if it’s a quick mud mask and and some stretching at nine o’clock at night! Is your partner deployed? Think of a project you never have time for, scrap booking or quilting. Perhaps hiking or joining the Stroller Warrior’s. Using that extra time you have away from others is a good time to do something new.

As we are learning this quarter through articles and blogs on MSOS, mental health can be treated with not just medication, but a with other ways as well. Eating right, exercise, meditation, good sleep, are just a few ways to treat the whole person. Take those thirty minutes a day and mix it up, using those seven days a week to tackle a variety of things that will benefit YOU! The more you take care of you, the better you are for your family and friends.

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