Military One Click- vote for Military Spouses of Strength

Military Spouses of Strength is in the running for Military One Click Charity Challenge for the month of January. It may not seem like we do anything that requires funding, but we do; and for you we want to do more- but we can’t without dollars!

So here’s a list of what we currently offer you:
List of mental health resources
Blogging opportunities
Therapy Thursday with Dr Ingrid
SOFA talks online peer-to-peer support group

But wait, there is more! We would like to expand our services to you in 2015.

We would like to begin providing case management services. You would send us an email and we could link you up with a volunteer clinician from a partner organization. We are also working on ringing our services to you through innovation, and lastly we would like to know more about your needs- so we are developing a comprehensive survey.

All of this requires funding in some capacity, and we have heard your voice- you like what we provide to you already. Do us a favor go to this link and vote for Military Spouses of Strength; so we can continue to support you.

All my best,

Liz Snell
Founder & CEO

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