Spirituality: Ties into Mind

Often when we think of spirituality as a form of religious setting, and that for so many can be an automatic turn-off. However, there is a distinct difference between the two. Spirituality is more about how you live, and less about the guidelines you follow to get there. Religion, regardless of what your beliefs, typically pits people against other religions and ideologies; whereas, spirituality allows that any one belief can get you to the greater good. I set this back piece with the intention of creating awareness of where Military Spouses of Strength believes the definition of spirituality to be.

Studies have shown that there is greater likelihood for positive mental health for those that are spiritual- leaving those that are spiritual with a greater sense of being connected to others and the rest of the universe and keep you grounded. What do you currently do to support your own spiritual health?

Spiritual health can be the glue that helps hold your mental health together. It is easy to see the ways in which physical health and emotional health impact; for better or worse our mental health, and yet harder to understand the lineage between spiritual health and mental health. Consider for a moment the person that takes no time for themselves, that doesn’t positively contribute to greater good of society? This impacts just as much as the person that only puts inadequate foods into their body, or withholding physical activity.

Some ways to connect to your spiritual side are by: hiking, attending a church/mosque/synagogue of your choosing, meditation, give back to the community through volunteerism, and be grateful for what you are given.

All of these items may seem silly, easy –to-do, or one may lack understanding of how they tie into mental health; but rest assured they do. Your challenge this week? Do something to encourage positive spiritual health for yourself. As you journey through the military spouse lifestyle – which can often be crazy, hectic; and seem opposing to positive emotional health; understand that all of these components are interconnected.

Share with us how you are connecting to your spiritual side.

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