Stress Itching?

It’s been a rough few days in the Cowsert home. Things just don’t seem to settle down here for very long. There always seems to be something going on. I saw Dr. Sobel yesterday and we discussed my meds. Since I went up to 3 mg, I’ve developed itchy skin! It’s horrible. My chest, belly and thighs get so itchy and no lotion or medicine works to stop it. So, to make sure it’s the meds and not a new nervous reaction to stress, I’m going back down to 2 mg. if it helps, then we know it’s the meds and we’ll need to change them. If it doesn’t, then it’s a new and exciting way that stress is affecting me! HA! I don’t know really which one I hope it will be. If it’s the meds, I’m going to have to go through another wonderful med change. If it’s just me, well, that’s not fun! Either way, I’ll know in three weeks, when I see him next, and we will know what steps to take. As far as my Effexor goes, we agreed to just stay on the low dose for now and worry about that after I’m stable on this medication. No need to worry about that too. The only thing I’m in immediate worry about, is that on the 3 mg I’m sleeping well. On 2 mg, not so much. So, we will see!

Even though I have an increase in stress, I’m doing quite well. Usually, I would be fighting panic attacks, but I haven’t had a hint of one. It’s nothing too serious going on in my life, just a bit of stress, so I’m glad I’m not being overly emotional like I would normally. I even started working out again wich is BIG news for me! I’m definitely overweight, which really sucks. So I’m eating right, and walking. I’ve started doing the couch to five k app, (C25k). I finished the program over a year ago, but when my daughter got pregnant, I started eating terribly, stopped working out and even started smoking! I’m happy to say I’m eating better and stopped smoking! It helps writing this blog, because I feel obligated to live my best life with so many following this journey with me. With MSoS focusing on Mind, Body and Spirit, I get great helpful tips to live by and I’m determined to improve myself.

So, my goals for the week: continue making good eating decisions. (I’m using an app to keep track of my calorie intake), complete week two of C25k, and lastly, to incorporate some yoga into my evenings and see if it helps my sleeping. With so many following my progress, I have a great accountability!
Auf wiedersehen!

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