Eulogize Me Now

Weird, I know..but I often wonder how others would eulogize me at my funeral. What would people say of me, and the life that I lived? Would they speak of the things that I contributed to the world, or the ways in which I have failed. Would people finally “get my humor,” would only my loved ones be present- or would you too be there?

I posted this as a recent FaceBook post, and wouldn’t you know I am NOT the only one to ponder this.

But really I think it leads to the fact that others aren’t as forthcoming with how they feel about us until it’s too late. And then, at our funerals, it is too late. Too late to show the person we are eulogizing how much we care, to show emotion to the ones we hold most dear- so why do we wait? I think it is because we take for granted that whomever we love wil be here another day. We live in a privelaged society, a society were we take for granted the thought of invincibility- unless or until we are faced with the finality of life.

One of my friends responded to my FaceBook status, “I remember at my sister’s funeral, dozens of people coming up to me and telling me how amazing she was, what a gift, etc. And all I could think the whole time was that if even one of them had told her when she was alive what they told me when she was dead, she might still be here.” You see, my dear friends sister had years before committed suicide, a final act. What would her outcome have been, if just one person would have said all the things they could have said when she was living?

We have the power to impact others in the now, the later they will never be able to hear our truthful sentiments. So do me a favor, eulogize me now…

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2 Responses to Eulogize Me Now

  1. aimeefauci says:

    Very true. It is so important to tell others how they affect our lives and how much we shine because of them.

  2. secondiron says:

    So true.. so many things get left unsaid until they are shared graveside and the person will never know. The more we speak into people’s lives the better both lives become.

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