Christmas Gift for a Military Spouse

We often tell our children that Christmas is about the spirit of the season, and not what you receive. So with that in mind I hope you receive this gift from me to you in the spirit of Christmas.

Recently, I was asked what tips I would give to a military spouse. In answering this question I reflected on what I wish someone had advised me, or possibly in areas I was given advice but to stubborn to receive.  So my gift to you this Christmas is a list of tips on ways to thrive as a military spouse, regardless of your phase in the lifestyle.

  1. Know your value- You are of value. Not because of what you do, or the titles that you hold. You are of value because of the qualities that you carry. Qualities that those around you adore you for. Acknowledge that you are worthy, and valuable.
  2. Ask for help- It is okay to ask for help. Like many things in life there is a cycle of giving and receiving. Asking for help comes in cycles as well- now may be your time to ask but later your time to give. Asking for help isn’t something to be ashamed about, it is simply a part of life- and something the strongest of us understand.
  3. Love deeply- As a wife that almost lost her husband this is something that took a near tragedy for me to understand. I absolutely loved my husband prior to his accident. But it took an accident to realize just how much love for him I have. You know what happened then? His little nuances didn’t bother me as much, I became grateful that they (he) could still annoy me.
  4. Take care of you- I know it sounds cliché, but clichés are often formed out of simple truths. When you care for you, you are rejuvenating your system. Allowing for others to be cared for more appropriately. Taking care of you doesn’t mean that you have to set aside the needs of everyone else, it simply means that you begin to make yourself a priority.

As soon as Christmas ends , we will get ready to celebrate the New Year. New Year’s often comes with new goals, my hope for you this season is that you embrace some of the gifts of advice and use them as part of your goals for upcoming year.

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