Open Letter: Senator Coburn

Senator Coburn:

It is with regret that I find myself writing to you. However, with your recent “nay” vote regarding the Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention Act it Is without regret that I ensure that the voices of so many are heard.

In reviewing your political stances I have gathered that your’e pro-life. Pro-life in what is to be the newest members of our society, but you are opposed to seeking support of those that fight for said society. I wonder when your views on life became skewed as to believe that one life is more precious than another?

I deal daily with service members and their families that have contemplated suicide. That are so hopeless in their present state, the only way they see out is through death. As an obstetrician, have you ever had the daunting task of helping a postpartum mother out of a depression so dire that she doesn’t value herself; yet you would let a service member suffer through the same hopelessness?

I also happened to notice in your voting record that you enacted a Senate Hold on S 1963, the Veterans’ Caregiver and Omnibus Health Benefits Act of 2009 and voted nay on issues like: Military Justice Improvement Act of 2013, National Defense Fiscal Act fiscal year 2014. Possibly it is with our service members that you take issue.

On October 1, 2007, Senate voted to fund the war in Iraq. You voted nay, later stating, “I will tell you personally that I think it was probably a mistake going to Iraq.” I understand the lack of interest in sending our service members to war, I do not understand the inability to separate the two areas of topic.

Twenty-two veterans commit suicide each day, a fact that is not new and certainly no secret. In voting against Clay Hunt’s Suicide Prevention Act you stated that it would cost too much money. How much value do you place on a life? How much money is placed on the lives of those that have paid a sacrifice that many will never understand? Are our service members only as valuable as their skill sets?

What say you?

Very Respectfully,

Liz Snell

Founder, Military Spouses of Strength

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