#YouMatter Recap

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDKHBT_7QXUI am sure that you have seen #YouMatter going around, profiles changed to pictures holding #youmatter signs, a challenge to ensure that your loved ones know that they matter to you, and a video that depicts just some of the ways that you matter. I hope that this campaign has brought attention to all of those that have seen or taken part of it, the seriousness of the mental health of our service families.

Just as importantly, I hope that you have taken the time to tell those that matter to you that they do count, and why. It is easy in our lives to go through the motions. Often doing so without looking for recognition, yet the lack of recognition for even the mindless of tasks can leave the best of us feeling unappreciated. Know that you are loved, appreciated, valuable, and matter. YOU provide so much to your life, the lives of others and the community that without you our world would be a lacking.

Today, I want you to honor you. Take time for you. Acknowledge the ways in which that you matter, not just to others but also to yourself.

We have produced numerous pieces to honor you this month, and as a recap I want to make sure that you are aware of all the ways that #YouMatter; so if you haven’t already- check out these sources.

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