“Eye of the Tiger”

By: Jennifer Cowsert, Public Relations Manager MSoS, cowsert.j@milspousesofstrength.org

I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar!

As a modern woman, we wear many hats. Many of us work outside of the home, yet do most of the household chores as well.  Not only do we give the kids baths, clean up toys, make meals and do the grocery shopping.  We are also going to softball games to cheer on our little ones while rushing to the bank afterwards before they close!

As a Military spouse, we do it all alone for days, weeks and months at a time. Even when our spouses are home, they are working long hours, then sometimes come home only to be bombarded with phone calls until the wee hours of the morning. We watch our spouses deal with tragic loss and overwhelming stress, which in turn makes us want to do all we can to lighten their load.

Well, who lightens our load? We want to ask for help, and sometimes do ask. However, then we feel that we’re asking too much, or putting people out. So, what is the solution?

PRIORITIZE!  Do what must be done that day; work, kids’ game and bank. All the little things can be done in smaller doses or on a calmer day.  Leave the toys on the floor. Smell the baby, does she really need a bath? Cereal for dinner is not a crime. Don’t do all the laundry tonight, just what you need for the next day.

PREPARE!  Is your hubby going to deploy soon?  Set up a neighborhood kid to mow your lawn for the next six months. Get your child’s game schedule and enlist family and friends to commit to taking them and cheering them on a few times. Schedule a night twice a month with a babysitter ahead of time, so you can go to the movies or stay home and catch up on housework.

We deserve to take care of ourselves when our spouses are away. We can only handle so much stress. We’ll eventually implode! So, while we have so much to do, don’t forget to enlist others for help. We are amazing, but we aren’t super heroes. Cut yourself some slack and breathe. After all, the baby can get a bath tomorrow right?

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