Freedom: Have you found yours

Tomorrow, we celebrate our nation’s Independence; ensured to us through the sacrifices by the men and women that have volunteered to protect us from our enemies, foreign and domestic. We are granted religious freedoms, and liberties of love and the pursuit of happiness. We can freely think and form opinions without the fear of persecution of others; freedoms that our Founding Fathers held dear.

Yet many of us within the military community (including the dependent world) are bound, slaves to ourselves. We are chained by our fears, our perceived inadequacies, and personal demons. We begin to feel that we are left to fight on own, that we have only ourselves to save us.

As we begin to think of conquering our own battles of any affliction, hold fast to the knowledge that wars are not won overnight; nor are they won single-handedly. Knowing, acknowledging, and acting are steps that are necessary in winning any battle, to include our own.

We must know our enemy before we can chose to fight, acknowledge the power and strength that is had over us, and decide on the actions that must be undertaken to overcome that of which binds us.

There are over forty-six thousand (yes, you read that right- 46,000) military affiliated non-profit organizations that are there to assist you in overcoming your battles; whether they be: financial, emotional or circumstantial. Use these agencies as your “battle buddies.” And use the below chart to help identify the areas that you may need to overcome:


Affliction Key Points Actions  Resources



*Do me a favor and be mindful of your veteran neighbor as you bring beauty to the sky with booming light. Many of those that suffer, do so silently and without visible wounds.*

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