Flower in the Mud

In my garden there is a yellow, long stemmed, rose with petals littering the muddy ground surrounding it. Standing alone the beauty of the flower may be hard to see, because the flower itself is beginning to show its age- beginning to bend and wither. However, part of the beauty of the rose is the surroundings in which it thrives. The ground is cold, dark and lacking any other greenery.

We are like the rose. Beautiful in our own right, but the circumstances in which we live strengthen our uniqueness. The deployments, TAD/TDY, schools, loss of employment and PCS’es and the way in which you handle these circumstances can strengthen your personality characteristics; thereby increasing your inward and outward beauty.

Life is about perspective. I encourage you to chose the perspective to see the beauty in yourself, the beauty that you bring to situations, and the beauty that you bring to others. Realize that you are rose, whether your surroundings are lush and green or cold and muddy, your beauty remains- your surroundings simply enhance your natural beauty.



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