Military Spouse: Super Powers

Last week we talked about how we as Military Spouses  think that we are super human, but we learned that even Super Heroes have sidekicks that help them out. What we didn’t mention is the superpowers that each Super Hero has that makes them unique. Flash, has speed; Wolverine, has healing; Superman, can fly.

Each of our Super Heroes have humanistic traits, traits that tie us to the character. We are all human, but have traits that we are each good at, consider these your super powers. Resiliency, caring, motivating, and coping skills are just some characteristics that many military spouses have.  

While these attributes may not seem like a super power, they are part of what carries us through. And while we love Super Heroes for their capabilities, they wouldn’t mean as much if we couldn’t identify with them.

So, the long and short of it is to value yourself. The skills and characteristics that you carry are part of what makes you great, part of what makes you able to live a life of a military spouse that only one percent of the nation can claim. 

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