Super Spouse is a Super Fraud


Service member, kids, job, school, house, and bills- as military spouses we try to juggle it all. We think we have special super powers that enable us to seamlessly handle the: flat tire, washer breaking and the kids acting out which happens as soon as your service member steps foot out the door for TAD/deployment. We wear our capes and superhero suits in the hopes that no one will see the person under the disguise.

Most often when we use the superhero suit as our disguise, we hope no one will notice our need for a little help. And we hope that others will see us only as superhuman; with everything under control- able to save the day.

We forget that each of our classic superheroes had a sidekick: Batman had Robin, Wonder Woman had Wonder Girl. No one person- or superhero- does it all on their own, and you aren’t expected to either.  So lose the cape and tights, find your sidekick and tackle your battles; you have a mate and friends, those that care about you to help you where you may need.

Your sidekick isn’t necessarily always someone you may know. Your sidekick could come in many forms: a neighbor, a counselor, or a service organization. You may be afraid that asking seems like a weakness, that you are expected to carry it all on your own, but in actuality the strongest of spouses let others know where they might need help. 

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