Fortune Tellers

Crystal balls, reading cards, looking at palms, or gazing at the stars; there are many kinds of fortune tellers, but above all of those examples are the countless fortune tellers that stop us from doing things. These fortune tellers are good at guessing what the future might be, but horrible in accuracy. They make good situations appear to have bad outcomes, and bad situations to be catastrophic.

I am a fortune teller, I like to pretend to know-it-all as a way to talk myself out of doing something. Why would I go to the family day when I wouldn’t know anyone or have any fun anyway? PCS orders- I’ll never be able to find a job! The examples could go on and on. In the real-world if we were seeking someone out to tell us our future, and all we ever heard was negativity one of two things would happen; we would stop seeing the fortune teller and/or we would become depressed about all the things that they told us.

So why do we only for-tell our future in only negative aspects? Fire yourself as the fortune teller, chances are you are wrong a good portion of the time anyway. If you insist on fortune telling, try telling yourself of all the positives that could happen, and encourage yourself in that positivity.

So what could happen if I went to the family day and knew no one, I could make new friends. Those PCS orders could mean a better job than the one I currently have. The point is there is no way to really know the future, it is only guided by the energy we put into it.

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