New Year…New Beginnings

The perspective of a year has changed for me the older I get; the days have shortened, years have passed too quickly but time remains the same. A year; 365 days; 8,760 hours; 525,600 minutes…. Over the course of the past year I have made many mistakes, but I have made much more progress. I have learned that time is not defined but what is left but what has been. We can choose to look forward to all that we are yet to make of the time left, but reflect and reminisce on what was. 

So today I reminisce of what this past year has meant:

  1. Learning to come to terms with my own insecurities
  2. Believing others when they speak positively of me
  3. There is no greater affirmation of self than loving yourself in agape love
  4. Mistakes are okay, we are human
  5. Tell others you love them and often
  6. Have your priorities in check
  7. Your partner’s nuances aren’t so big as they can easily seem

But most of all I am learning to continue to learn that I am not perfect, that imperfection is beauty and imperfection creates uniqueness. In the course of a year many things can happen, you can get stuck on the moments or learn to live through them but time does not remain for you to chose in which direction to live your life in- the past or present. The clock is ticking on this year, what are you going to learn from it.

Tick, tock, tick, tock….. 

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